Humble Beginnings

Centuries ago a great coalition of Dungeons and Dragon's players were gathered to play an epic campaign that, unbeknownst to it's quiet inhabitants, would determine the fate of the entire world. I'm sure it was great.

More recently than that however a team of decidedly unheroic players gathered to muck around in a campaign that would determine the future of a town called Olsen, which in hindsight probably deserved to be destroyed anyway.

What you (don't) need (but might like) to know

The story picks up after a campaign that involved only Sinsya and Netech, the final story arc of which ended with the terminating of Lord Alsabar. We've still been unable to determine from their testimony whether he was 'unquestionably evil' or just 'more or less in the way' but regardless the townsfolk were none-to-impressed with the murder of their happy leader.

Zendar the powerful, Ashcha the fierce, Scarinth the mad and Lorthanus the retarded monkey were all newly created characters with various dubious reasons to be dragged into the story, most of which included 'we stepped onto this boat and suddenly were members of the party'.

Spoilers Ahead

If you haven't read from comic 1, but intend to, don't read this. If you just want to pick up the comic from the current page then this is your place to go.

After the death of the Lord Alsabar mentioned above Netech and Sinsya were forced to board the Valentha, a nearby ship, to escape. Onboard they met up with Zendar, Scarinth, Ashcha and Lorthanus. Zendar and Scarinth broke into the vessels cargo hold and stole a substantial amount of silver and a curious (and potentially profitable) white powder.

Later that evening the Velantha is set upon by pirates and because of their… charitable nature, the party generously allows themselves to be paid to defend the ship (excluding, ofcourse, Lorthanus). Fighting ensues and the party soundly trample the Pirate Crew, Zendar and Netech facing off against the grisly (and pimpesque) Pirate Captain. During the conflict both Zendar and Netech reveal they have familiars, both fierce and mighty, at their command. Unfortunately, due to an ‘error of dice’, Zendar electrocutes Netech’s wolf, Nikel, and in the argument that follows, the Pirate Captain makes a hasty escape!

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